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Discount Coupons

Distribute unique coupons at the right time and prevent unprofitable customers from abusing your discounts, Save time putting all discounts coupons in one place, and increase transparency across teams.

Analytics Integrations

Integrating your CMS platform with Google Analytics allows you to track what marketing campaigns drive the most revenue and engagement.

Gift Vouchers

Digital gift cards and vouchers are a highly effective way of driving sales on your eCommerce store. For merchants it’s an effective way to expand product offerings and attract new customers, while for shoppers, it’s an easy way to solve gifting dilemmas.

Newsletters & Email Campaigns

magefai offers a eCommerce marketing automation solution to increase revenue, engagement, and eCommerce ROI through email campaigns and sending updates and offers through sending regular newsletters to your customers.

Customize Notification Emails

Specify who receives emails about new orders on your eCommerce site. you can secure the details of every order by sending new order notifications to the right people on your team.

SMS Notifications App

SMS Alerts allows you to quickly notify the customer through text messages with important order related information from right within magefai.

Deal of the Day Sections

Schedule Flash Sales & Deals. Easily create storewide sales in seconds. Select specific products, collections, or your entire inventory to run a deal on.

Product Rating & Reviews

Our platform puts forward an innovative and automated product rating system using opinion mining by analysing sentiments from user posted comments and rating, Customer gives review about the merchandise and online shopping services.

SEO Apps & Friendly URLs

SEO is a great investment for eCommerce websites. Appearing near the top of search engine result pages is essential if you want your eCommerce store and products to be chosen by motivated shoppers.

Customer Loyalty System

An eCommerce loyalty program rewards customers for making repeat purchases in your online shop. magefai offer a seamless online shopping experience; a personalized customer journey, where rewards are tailored to cater for each customer’s specific needs.

Marketing Apps & Integrations

Find new customers, reconnect with familiar ones, and keep everyone coming back for more. magefai target is to increase customer lifetime value, from the time the visitor comes to your site to their repeat purchases.

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